Bravecto flea and tick chew to dogs protections 3 month | Without a prescription USA


Bravecto 1 chewable 40-56 kg -- 88-123 lbs

Bravecto 1 chewable 40-56 kg -- 88-123 lbs


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Are you sick of buying the same flea deterrent over and over again every single month? Have you tried everything and found nothing that does the job effectively? It’s time you tried Bravecto. Bravecto is the new flea repellent solution, available as a chew or a topical solution, that is revolutionising the lives of pet owners the world over. Without a Prescription

Unlike other flea treatments, Bravecto last for a minimum of 12 weeks and works on all types of fleas and ticks. For some of the most common household fleas, Bravecto can be effective for as long as 3 months. It’s no wonder that more and more Veterinarians are recommending Bravecto to their clients as the most effective and easy to use product on the market.

Bravecto can be easily applied as a solution or as a chew and starts taking effect within a matter of hours. This high speed efficacy prevents adult fleas from having time to lay eggs leading to reinfestation. If you’ve spent any time at all trying to rid your pet of fleas, you’ll know just how frustrating this can be. Just when you think all the fleas are eliminated, flea eggs begin to hatch and you’re forced to start the process all over again. With Bravecto this is not a worry as the treatment kills the fleas so quickly they are unable to complete their life cycle.

As a chew Bravecto is easy to eat and has a taste which your pet will love. Applying it as a topical solution is also incredibly quick and easy, simply part the animals hair and apply once directly to the skin. Whichever option you chose, your pet will feel no discomfort whatsoever and will likely not even notice he or she has been treated. Bravecto can even be applied to animals whilst they are pregnant, which is not advised with many other competitors. Bravecto offers piece of mind and an easy life to all pet owners.

You can find several testimonials on Bravecto from satisfied customers as well as industry professionals attesting to the efficacy of Bravecto at In one testimonial, Dr Jeff Werber of California talks of how easy it is to find yourself infested with fleas and ticks even if your pet doesn’t venture outside; “During high season, you can be walking up to your house and a flea hops on your leg and before you know it you have an infestation.” Dr Werber uses Bravecto as his preferred method saying “I’ve used it on my own pets and I’ve seen success, it’s my new favourite”. Dr S Linick said of Bravecto “When I think about Bravecto, I think about convenience and I think about efficacy”. Visit our website now for many more reports of Bravecto proving to be the most effective option available today.

Not only is Bravecto the most effective option but it is also great value for money. Whilst some will see the price as higher than other products, it’s worth remembering that Bravecto only needs to be administered every 12 weeks, rather than monthly like most other options, over a prolonged period Bravecto actually works out cheaper than other competitors and allows you to get on with your already busy life. Many pet owners have attested to the fact that remembering a monthly treatment is often unrealistic, whilst applying Bravecto once every 12 weeks is a far more realistic schedule.

It’s time to stop stressing about your pets flea problem and stop wasting unnecessary effort and expense on outdated treatments. Bravecto is quickly emerging as the wise choice for flea and tick prevention, more and more industry professionals agree. Ask your Vet today to prescribe Bravecto to your cat or dog and enjoy an easy infestation free tomorrow.