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Profdender drops on withers from worms

General information

Profender is a combination anthelmintic drug. 1 ml of the drug contains emodepside - 21.43 mg and praziquantel - 85.75 mg. Profender® is produced in the form of drops to the withers in three dosages - for kittens and cats up to 2.5 kg, for cats 2.5–5 kg and for cats 5–8 kg. Manufacturer - the company "Bayer" (Germany).


Profender is prescribed for deworming cats for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes with nematodoses (Tohosa sati, Toxascaris leonine, Ancylostoma tubaeforme) and cestodoses (Echinococcus multilocularis, Dipylidium caninum, Taenia taeniaeformis).


The drug is applied externally, causing in places inaccessible for licking, directly on the skin between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck. The drug is applied to dry, intact skin. Profender® can be used for kittens older than 8 weeks of age and / or weighing more than 0.5 kg. The time required for absorption of the drug is about 2 hours. After this time, the animal can be washed if necessary.

Dosing by weight

Animal Weight


0,5 – 2,5kg (1.10-5.5 LBS)

Profender pipette for cats up to 2.5 kg; 0,35ml (1.10-5.5 LBS)

2,5 – 5,0kg (5.5-11 LBS)

Profiler pipette for cats 2.5-5.0 kg; 0,70ml (5.5-11 LBS)

5,0 – 8,0kg (11-17.6 LBS)

Profilend pipette for cats up to 5.0-8.0 kg; 1,12 ml (11-17.6 LBS)

More than 8kg (17.6 LBS)

Combination of pipettes of different packing at the rate of 0.14 ml per kg of animal mass.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of praziquantel is the depolarization of neuromuscular ganglioblokatorov, impaired glucose transport and microtubule cestodes, praziquantel causes a violation of muscle innervation, paralysis and death of parasites. Having a stimulating effect on presynaptic latrophilin receptors, emodepside causes paralysis and death of the parasite.


The worming of cats with Profender is carried out once. The active ingredients included in the preparation provide a wide range of anthelmintic action on round and tapeworm worms, as well as act on different stages of the life cycle of worms - mature individuals, immature individuals, larval stages L3 migrating in the body, and L4 parasitizing in the gastrointestinal tract .


Side effects and complications when using the drug in accordance with this instruction, as a rule, are not observed. The shelf life of the drug under the storage conditions - 3 years from the date of production.